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​HIGH TIDE and potential issues in Skippers Cove.

There is very high tidal water as of 9 AM this morning. The water is over all docks in Skippers Cove. To my knowledge, the beach club has not informed anyone so I will do what I did for 17 years and show you the problems and personally inform boat owners if I see danger.

The water is within a few inches of breaching the bulkhead but I don’t see it happening yet. High tide was at 6:49am and will be at 7:01pm. The forecast is for this evenings tide to be 0.15 ft higher than this mornings tide. Tomorrow (Oct 12) is forecast to be the same as today and Sunday’s tide is forecast to be slightly higher yet.

How high is that? Well, the bay is licking the bottom boards of my pier. I haven’t seen that since 2012. There is flooding in all the back-bay areas of Waretown as reported by the Ocean County Sheriff’s office.

In prior years, I have seen boats float over the top of their docks and get stuck when the tide goes down. Although rain has not been a serious problem, it is nevertheless important to check for a good battery and operational bilge pump. Most boats in Skippers Cove look fine right now. A few are lisping a little which indicates a possible bilge pump problem. Two boats sank in 2016 from the same problem, so heads up.

The boats at the marina are sitting high but all seem ok. I am a little concerned about the boat closest to the ramp because the fender buoy has folded under the dock and when the wind gusts, the boat is making minor contact with the finger dock – no observable damage at this time. If the owner of that boat is not currently local, I extend an invitation to call me at 609 709 9515 and I will adjust the lines to keep the boat away and safe. Maritime law is not always logical and does not allow for anyone to adjust, move, or enter a boat unless they have the owner’s permission.

The streets are fine for the most part but there is water extending from the Peg Leg lagoon across the street to the property on Hornblower. It’s not deep – just enough to cover the street.

I will keep a watch and report any problems I see to supplement any information that may be released from the Board of Directors. Wind and other hazards do not appear to be a problem.

The By-Laws amendment has evidently been sent via email to the membership of this HOA. I have not received my ‘MailChimp’ notification. This is a common problem for which the BOD has been notified several times including most recently at the BOD meeting last week. When questioned, the response was that MailChimp does not have the ability to verify that anyone received (and opened) their email. That was a very important feature of icontact that MailChimp does not have. A HOA has the responsibility to assure that all members receive all correspondence. This was tested in Superior Court twice in 2016 and the judge ruled both times that, despite her testimony, the plaintiff did receive and open the pertinent emails relating to the HOA. All it took was the official report from icontact.

But Mailchimp does not have that feature. Theoretically, that would allow the BOD to isolate and eliminate anyone they choose from receiving official correspondence. As you might imagine, that is not legal. Nevertheless, I have seen the email that was given to me by another member. I have seen that the main problems that I have been speaking about have now been corrected. The wording has been changed to require a 2/3 majority approval from ALL households and not just from those who returned the ballot. That simple correction returns the bylaws to the wording that has been in effect for decades and removes my personal objection and planned court challenge.

Favorable proposals in the revised Bylaws include:

1. The reinstatement of the ‘Hardship’ section

2. The return to a policy that allows for more than Two Consecutive Terms when there are no volunteers other than the incumbent.

3. Clarification of the Senior Citizens ‘Beachcombers’ affiliate with its own bylaws just like Skipperettes and Men’s Club.

Questionable proposals in the revised Bylaws include:

1.  The modification that causes the budget vote to be a ‘Secret Ballot’ rather than a ‘Formal Written Ballot’. This change will increase both the cost and complexity of the Formal Budget vote. To my knowledge, the budget has never been a secret ballot but has always used the Formal Written Ballot procedures. Elections use secret ballots, not budgets

2. The numerous conflicting places where the terms ‘Nominating Committee’ and ‘Ballot Committee’ are used and appear to contradict. Do a simple Google search and you will see that Roberts Rules makes no mention of a Ballot Committee? So, if Ballot Committees do not exist, then why are they included in the Bylaws proposal and why eliminate the proper term which is Nominating Committee? I believe I know why but to state it here would be accusatory, so I’ll just advise you to do your homework.

Remember, Bylaws take priority over Roberts Rules so why vote for something that does not actually exist when the proper term (Nominating Committee) does exist in Roberts Rules along with all the verbiage that defines it and controls it? Ballot Committees are fictional.

3.  If these Bylaws are passed, you will no longer be receiving “written notices containing the proposed amendment’ as it is currently written. Instead, you may receive simply ‘information on proposed amendments’. When you bought your home, where you content with ‘information’ about your contract or did you insist on seeing the contract itself with all its detail in writing? Then why should the Bylaws be any different?

In summary, there has been considerable improvement over the original proposed changes to our Bylaws. I strongly believe that the only change that was actually required, and appropriate, was the one relating to the Beachcombers. Everything else seems to have an alternate purpose with a similar theme: Reduce the workload for the BOD and transfer control and authority from the membership to the BOD in many areas. My prediction is that you will see the dues increased as early as 2020. Please remember that all it will take to approve the budget is the simple majority of returned ballots. Heads Up Skippers Cove.

I cannot actively support the proposed changes, but I do believe the main issues have been corrected.
I therefore reluctantly change my vote to a YES vote. I hope the current BOD puts the membership first in everything they do from this day forward. And when I say Membership, I’m talking about all 240 households and not just a handful.