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At the current time, my vote for the bylaws revision is NO.

I have many reasons for my vote. I have done a mailing to every household, at my expense, to explain why I am voting NO. If the current issues (many) are fixed, then I will change my mind and announce it here and in an Icontact email. Please continue to vote your desire. Keep in mind that a bylaws revision is not in the budget and is certainly not an emergency expense. It is, in fact, a total waste of money and creates an inferior product.

I also have a written list of questions that I will present to the BOD at Saturday's Open Public Meeting which starts at 11 AM in the clubhouse. I have a written notice, from a lawyer, that these meetings can be recorded, both by video and audio, as authorized by the NJ Supreme Court. I have forwarded it to the SCBC, Inc President for action but have not received a reply. I plan to record it but not in a disruptive way, just as the law states.


If you are not getting the Icontact Emails, and want to be included, just email me with 'Add Me' in the subject field. Your name will be held 100% confidential. No one will know you are getting these emails.

Lastly, I will be posting documents I have received, my response to the BOD president, a BOD member, and the lawyer they have hired to write me a Cease and Desist letter for harassment. I have sent notice to cease and desist harassment to the SCBC, Inc and sent a copy to their lawyer. I have also sent their lawyer a detailed letter explaining what certain members of the BOD (and others) have done and their most recent violation of the bylaws.

Have you been the victim of threats? 'Don't speak to Jim P or you will be banned from emails and the website'. Sound familiar? If you are interested in knowing the truth and what is currently happening, just click here.  

Why is the FBI involved?