Skippers Cove Beach Club

IS YOUR CLUB and the deed to your home is restricted. 

‚ÄčAs of June 17, 2019 my vote for the bylaws revision remains NO.

The Skippers Cove Board of Directors received legal notice from the Law Firms of Mettleman, Weinroth & Miller. They were informed that their attempt to amend the ByLaws, in the manner in which they proposed to do so, would result in legal action against the SCBC, Inc. Read on and see how many laws they have already violated. Who will pay for this incompetence? Unfortunately, we all will. The time to put a stop to it is RIGHT NOW!

This correspondence resulted in the Board electing to change the portions of the proposed bylaws that were either illegal or the mechanism for the change was illegal.

The current state of affairs is far worse than ever. The purpose of this writing is to let you know what is happening and allow you to see just how dangerous things have become. 

Two years ago, the SCBC, Inc was charged, investigated, and found guilty of State Law violations. The club was forcibly shut down - that was the first time ever that we were forced to be closed. However, the charges this time are far worse than two years ago. 

This membership is at risk if the proposed bylaws changes are approved. It is best to simply disapprove the proposal and allow the State to come in and do the investigation. These are very serious concerns and have been partly responsible for the resignation of several of Board members. One board position remains unfilled. After reading the attached accusations, you will know why.

The details of the concerns and requested State involvement will be revealed within. Please read BEFORE you vote on the bylaws changes.  157 of the households MUST approve the changes by a formal written ballot in order for a proposed bylaws change to be approved. That is as directed in ART IX, Sec 3(b). You see, our founding fathers protected us from a hostile takeover. The membership has control and will remain in control. A small group of 30 households, or so, CANNOT alter that protection. I strongly suggest you do not give up that safety net.

The current bylaws can only be amended in accordance with the provisions withing the existing bylaws ART XI, Sec 1 (c) which mandates a 2/3 majority approval of the entire membership in good standing. We currently have 236 households in good standing. Only when that occurs can  new bylaws be implemented. It is my belief that everyone who spends a few minutes to review the facts will vote NO. 

The counting of the formal written ballots is also addressed in the existing bylaws. I have invited my lawyer to witness the counting. She is a lovable pit-bull and will certainly not allow any ballot to be rejected without a review for cause. It is time for compliance across the board. 

My  vote remains a resounding NO.  The NJ State should conduct a legal review and take action where action is justified. 

The MEMBERSHIP should review the following pages and draw your own conclusions. This is serious because we will all live with the consequences. 

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Thank the founding fathers for your protections. Don't give them up