Skippers Cove Beach Club, Inc

PO Box 667, Waretown, NJ 08758    -  5 Bluebeard Way - Tel: 609-693-5895 (unattended except during events) : Leave message and your call will be returned by someone

How much has the 2017 Board wasted in unnecessary expenses? Things such as the water trampoline (turtle) destruction and the $2,000 fine from the NJ State ABC for failure to properly manage the alcohol.

How much will shutting down the bar for the winter cost us in rental loss and bar income loss. Did you even know these things were happening?

Anything and everything related to this HOA is required to be approved by vote of the membership. How many ballots were sent to you this year? Don't think too hard. The answer is zero. Not even one.

Were you polled for nominations to the 2018 Board? Except for Bocce, were you involved in the SCBC, Inc at all during 2017? Don't forget, the Skippererettes, Mens Club and Beachcomers are separate. Have you ever seen such low turnouts of events. It's a sad time for the SCVBC, Inc