Skippers Cove Beach Club, Inc

As of June 16th, 2018, my vote for the bylaws revision remains NO.

Legal Notice to Skippers Cove Board of Directors

from the Law Firms of Mettleman, Weinroth & Miller.

Click the words Legal Notice above to view what attorney Francine Cracker sent to the BOD today, June 16, 2018. A follow-up letter is being mailed to each of the Board Members. 

As you know, I had advised the BOD that I hired a law firm to review several  issues that I felt were not legal and violated the property owner's rights in this deed restricted home owners association. I mailed the concerns to every member in what has been nicknamed 'the 30 question request'. It is probable that the BOD, once again, has ignored my notice. But I never bluff and I do take the future of the Beach Club very seriously.  My attorney has advised that today is the day to begin the process of recovery. 

I have been working for months with this law firm. They have all the documents and have studied them well. They have suggested deleting some issues  simply because they were hard to prove. What you see in the letter are the issues that remain. Every one of them is reason for me to vote NO on the bylaws revision. Every member should do what they feel is right in their heart.

When you read the legal review, you will see why this has happened. Be advised that no one in the membership is at risk. This is not a lawsuit. This is an attempt to work with the BOD to make the necessary corrections to avoid a complaint filed with the State. Certainly if the proposed bylaws are approved, a State complaint will follow on selected legal issues. I am hopeful that this BOD will start making decisions that support the membership.