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Respect it and Protect it 

Okay, this is important. Rita Sweeney is telling people she was on the bylaws review committee in 2011 and in 2005 and that she thinks the existing bylaws requirement for a 2/3 majority approval by formal written ballot was not the intent. SHE IS 100% WRONG ON ALL POINTS

She was initially not on the committee. As president, I appointed the committee and the membership approved the appointments by icontact electronic vote. As always, the membership was included and the vote results were published.

Rita was later asked by me if she would like to assist as a proof reader and she agreed. I did that because of the workload put upon the committee. 

The 2/3 majority requirement was already in the prior by-laws amendment which I also did as president. The wording of the bylaw was very important to Mr Vic Krygowski. Vic stood at the podium and explained his reasons and everybody agreed. The purpose was to prevent exactly what is happening right now with this Board. It was to protect the membership from a group of people who want control rather than to make sure that control remains with the membership for the good of the membership.

On my computer, and on my backup computer, and in the cloud I have all the proposed revisions, changes identified by the membership, the votes, the side by side comparisons prepared in color and the copy that was mailed to every household prior to the formal written ballots that were also mailed to every household. 

The SCBC By-Laws require a 2/3 majority approval by formal written ballot of all households in good standing. Period. No exceptions. 

‚ÄčThis is one of the reasons I went to the state for clarification.