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Respect it and Protect it 

It must be noted that audit procedures are readily available by anyone who knows how to use a computer. The STATE has procedures published, Roberts Rules has procedures published. They are easy to obtain:

Here is the big problem. Any member in good standing is allowed to request an audit and the Board is required to comply within 30 days of such request. I have strongly suspected that we were well over budget and was very concerned. I requested an audit be conducted on three separate occasions but the Board ignored my requests. I informed my lawyer of my suspicions and provided her the details for my concerns. I was instructed to make the quest once again and send her a copy. After 30 days of non compliance, she wrote to the Board and made a threat of legal action.

Within days, I received a text from Mary Mirabello telling me I could do the audit in three days. It was very short notice but I agreed. On the day of the audit, Mary cancelled the audit because there was some scheduling conflict for the use of the building. I advised my lawyer. 

My lawyer said to give then another 30 days and if they did not comply, to then file a complaint with the State and she would prepare the complaint itself. She did and I have now decided to proceed. I used the interim to document the known expenses and am preparing documentation to assist. 

That started nearly a year ago and they still have not rescheduled the audit. After discussing this with my lawyer, it was decided to go ahead and file the complaint and request that the State do the audit rather than me. 

I have reason to believe that this Board has exceeded approved by a significant amount of money. These expenses  WERE NOT approved by the membership. The bar, the kitchen, the cabinets, the bathrooms, two new Central Air Conditioners, The SCBC bulkhead replacement adjacent to Kutner's property and so much more. 

The problem is that all of these expenses required the PROPERTY OWNERS AUTHORITY to spend the money but this Board thinks it is OK to approve this by a show of hands at a meeting. My guess is that 90% of the membership had no idea the Board was spending their money. When asked, the board said it was okay because they used donation money. My lawyer says nonsense.

It is not legal to spend like that. The ONLY time they can spend unbudgeted money is in an emergency and even then they are required to go to the membership for approval if the cost exceeds $1,000. Obviously there is some leniency governed by common sense but this Board has shown no common sense at all. 

My lawyer says that can’t be done because the improvements increase the value of the Beach Club which increases the insurance costs and property tax. The membership must be involved in that decision which is why the bylaws were written the way they were. 

So, I grew weary of arguing with this Board and I have given the green light for a State audit via a property owner’s complaint. My lawyer will handle the filing. The purpose is to put a stop to this incompetence and to stop them spending your money without your prior approval. This must stop. There are additional steps that can be taken that assign individual liability for illegal activity. One step at a time.

Unions call it receivership. It's when the State removes authority from a Board and steps in to make all decisions until new leaders can step in. I believe that this Board is close to being removed.