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Respect it and Protect it 

I have dredged that Hornblower lagoon several times and did it legally every time. I dredged 4000 cubic yards out of the Bluebeard lagoon and entrance. I know for a fact that the DEP will never allow the spoils to simply be dumped into the Bay. I can't imagine where this info is coming from. The fines would be enormous. It's a pipe dream. The Board should be actively involved in getting proper permits and get the cost approved in the budget. Do it right or at least tell the membership you can't do it.

The bulkhead sheathing that was replaced at the West end of Hornblower lagoon belongs to the SCBC but I certainly do not remember approving the expense for replacing it. Do you? Probably was done with another 'Show of Hands' at a meeting which is exactly why it should have been done as a part of the budget. I'd be willing to bet that 9 out of every 10 people reading this had no input for approval of this project. It was just done at a reported cost of over $18,000.

That bulkhead and dock is controlled by a revocable lease written up by an attorney (now judge). As a part of the lease signed by Fred Kutner, he is required to rent the dock at the normal rental rate. It is a 5 year revokable lease. If the dock is not rented to Kutner, then the SCBC has the right to rent it to another boater and use the 20 inches of land to build a safe walkway access. A copy of the lease was given to Mary and I have the original. Future Board members should remember that the land, bulkhead and dock belongs to the SCBC, Inc and we need to maintain the liability insurance. We have lots of new people in the Cove that may not know that the property is common property. Ask Mary to see the lease. If she 'lost it' then just see me. I maintained the original signed copy.

The original owners of the now Kutner property were not financially able to maintain the bulkhead and it became dangerous. and was falling down. Vic Krygowski got membership approval to invest $10,000 in exchange for the property ownership of 18 to 20 inches of land. The property owner agreed and signed over the land to the SCBC, Inc. The bulkhead and dock was built by the SCBC, Inc. When I was president I offered Fred and Irene the opportunity to buy back the land at the same $10,000 price but they declined. So now that maintenance was required, it was proper that the expense be paid by the SCBC, Inc. But, the cost should have been approved by the membership and put in the budget for a formal vote. That is how things are done properly. I find it important for the Board to identify where the money came from to do this work? If Fred donated it then fine - good for him. If the membership had to pay for this then approval was required. And, God forbid, if the property title was transferred to Kutner in exchange for Kutner to pay then a serious legal violation occurred. Real property cannot be sold or transferred without a formal vote by the entire membership IAW the Bylaws.  So, I'm curious. Who paid for that project? It's on the list for the State audit. We will eventually know when they do the audit.