Skippers Cove Beach Club, Inc

Please fill out and return this form as soon as possible. Then, as your info changes in the future, simply return here and accomplish again

Instructions for completing this form:

Why? So you canl be kept informed of the many violations this new Board has exposed you to.


There are actually four things you can do to return this information:

1. Print it. Complete it and mail it to: Jim Portale, 11 Bluebeard
Way, Waretown, NJ 08758

2. Print it. Complete it and FAX it to 609-971-9209 (no cover letter

3. Print it. Complete it, scan it and email it to  Include 'SCBC FORM' in the subject field.

5. Refer to it and send an email that contains all the information
asked for on the form. Please put 'Membership FORM' in the subject field.

Please use BLOCK letters for all email addresses so that we have no
issues reading your handwriting

Thank you..........