Skippers Cove Beach Club, Inc

Although I would never sue or press charges against the SCBC, Inc, I did retain the legal services of a large law firm in Cherry Hill that has 26 lawyers. The lawyer who represents me is an expert in HOA, Boards, and Roberts Rules. She currently sits on a large HOA BOD as their lawyer. She knows what is going on here and is monitoring. To be truthful, I care far more about the criminal activity of certain members, such as Defamation of Character, Slander, unauthorized assess, and Harassment.  Read this next part very carefully:

Six months ago, I filed a complaint with the FBI about these 'attacks' on me. Some of you already know this. I named names, events, and provided a copy of what some are calling my 'RAP SHEET'. I first distributed my Rap Sheet at a General Meeting, published it as a Icontact newsletter, and projected it on the big screen during the meeting. I was running for president at the time.

But all these years later, a few have taken my Rap Sheet and did their internet homework. They took what they 'discovered' on the internet and unauthorized assess outside of any active criminal investigation, and went door to door to tell people to read what 'they discovered'.  But, they discovered nothing. I released the INFO many, many years ago. I am very proud of what happened in FLL and would do the exact same thing again if confronted with the same circumstances. How many of you know how you would really respond in overwhelming danger? I do

It took 5 full months for the FBI to complete their investigation. Three weeks ago they mailed me the results and are asking me if I want to take it to the criminal division for action. I have not yet replied. There are many things to consider. I sought legal advise.

Now, I am sure that those who are causing all this trouble will tell you this investigation didn't happen. It is for that reason that I am offering you the opportunity to read the FBI Report and the original FLL Police report. You will see for yourselves what really happened,  rather than someone's twisted interpretation they got from controlled sources, or from the internet or completely fabricated. Truth Finders and Been Verified have both apologized and corrected their content as part of the investigation.  But there are many other places were web crawlers go for their information, including social media, emails, and websites. That is what I asked the FBI to investigate. Truth Finders reported that they have no control over their content. They stated the web crawlers are automatic and the sites are updated once per day. That may be true, but I find it fascinating how fast they were able to fix the problem when the investigation reached their level.  

Want to read these FBI and POLICE reports for yourself? Just stop by and sit down. They are not that long - take you ten minutes at most. And when you walk away you will know the truth.

Please send me a confidential email the next time someone threatens you or even tells you something other than what I have stated here.  Many of you already have, and I thank you.

The FBI report is marked confidential, but I am assuming that is for my benefit. I do authorize most of you to read it, but you cannot copy it, publish it, or take a photograph of either report. If you want the official report you can ask the FBI for a copy under the Freedom of Information Act. If anyone reading this is involved in the activity I described herein, you will be denied assess. 

Like I've said many times, the Truth Always rises to the top no matter how hard someone tries to bury it or alter it.  And to do so for personal gain, and knowingly pass false information, is a crime.


The following information was provided only as a 'supplement' to the FLL incident. It is included on the official police  'Statement' that I completed about 20 years ago. Simply stop reading here if you are not interested in something that happen 20 years ago. It has nothing to do with the SCBC, Inc except that certain members are using it to slander me. My defense is to simply show you the truth. So, if interested, you might as well know what really happened.  If not, stop here.

It all started at a time when I was a very active member of the Waretown First Aid Sq. I was 'high call member' for five years. I was also a member of the American Red Cross in Toms River and a very close friend of Bill Meade who was Captain of the first air squad. I was the treasurer and a trustee. Bill had asked me to volunteer my time to do a mass mailing. I did and it took a lot of effort to learn the rules. When Bill and I took the many boxes of letters to the post office, they were rejected due to a 'sorting' issue. Bill got a little upset and he just dumped the letters in the outside mailbox. He filled it up. The post office was not happy but I just let Bill handle all of that.

One year later, it was time to do it again. Bill told me we were going to do the sorting properly and we had to take them to the main post office in special boxes. Again, I agreed. There were over 3,000 letters and the mailing went perfectly. He joked about me being the Mass Mailing Expert.

Then, one day we were returning from Berlin, NJ and he was driving the ambulance. He told me about a friend of his in FLL American Red Cross who needed an 'expert' to help accomplish a mass mailing that was much larger than Waretowns. He asked for a huge favor since I could travel free of charge. He would 'owe me big' if I would fly down and help out. Bill was one of the kindest and generous people I ever knew. I had three days off so I agreed. I jumpseated to FLL and located the Red Cross office. It was closed so I checked into a Holiday Inn and drove to the Omni Hotel which is where the airline crews stayed. It was a beachfront hotel with a large Oceanfront patio and outside bar. I had a large glass of wine, then another. An airline crew that I knew showed up and we sat and laughed and drank.

I later told the police I had 'about' three glasses but could not remember. I was having fun with friends and I honestly don't remember. It would not surprise me at all if someone told me I had 7 or 8 or more. I had too much to drive so I sat there until about midnight. The crew went up and I had some coffee. I felt fine so I left the Omni and decided to go to a Denny's restaurant right next to the Holiday Inn. Bored yet? Well, here is where it gets good.

I was driving the speed limit (always do, really) when two motorcycles came up behind me. I was in the left lane and was evidently not going fast enough for them. The headlights started flashing and they right up to my bumper. So, I did what many people do when they get mad. I slowed down just a little at first and then quite a bit. They had plenty of room to go around me but they preferred to harass me. They came up along the right side of my car and kicked it at a traffic light. They were yelling and the fingers where flying. But instead of going around me, they slowed and got behind me once again. What happen next can best be described as Road Rage and that is exactly what is on the official police report. Why did the police get involved? Here comes the best part.

After an incident that could very well have resulted in a crash and injuries, the bikers gunned their engines and pulled around me and pulled right in front. I thought they were planning to bring my car to a stop. I was ready for that. But, instead, they turned left into the very same Denny's I had planned to go to. I had a choice to make. The right choice was to just go straight and go to another restaurant. But, I made the wrong choice.

I'm not one to shy away from a confrontation when I was not at fault. There was two of them and one of me. Believe me, that reality crossed my mind many times. I parked next to their bikes as they were getting off. They knew I was there and were eager for a physical confrontation. We went nose to nose in a screaming match that could be described as a 'Public Disturbance'. Due to my job and commission , I knew full well that physical contact must be avoided. There would be huge consequences had a fight actually happen. I later learned that this is true even if I was defending myself. Physical contact never happen.

They went inside and I should have left. I was furious enough to push their motorcycles to the ground but did not. I kept thinking about it and walked around for about 15 minutes. I was still furious when the police car drove up. He was polite, as was I. He asked me what I was doing in the parking lot. So, I told him the full story. He said that thinking about pushing the bikes over is not a crime. He asked if I would really do it? I told the truth and said maybe. I spent 15 minutes trying to decide. I told him I may very well have done it if he didn't show up. He did the whole ID and registration thing. He searched my car, searched me, and then dropped the bombshell.

He told me the reason he was there is because someone from inside the Denny's Restaurant had called to complain that I was performing Lewd acts. I didn't know how to respond or how to act. I was literally in shock.

I denied it and he said he wanted to talk to people inside. His partner stayed with me while he went inside and asked the patrons closest to the window if they had seen any such behavior. When he came out he said that no one saw anything unusual. But the complainant is sticking to her story. I asked which customer she was. He pointed to a beautiful black girl that was across the dining area and sitting right next to the two bikers.

I was like a recording at high speed. I tried to tell him the whole story but he just shook his head and said he wanted to take me to the station to talk to a detective. There were no handcuffs. He never said arrest. Never told me my rights. Just a friendly drive to talk to a higher up. Or so I thought. I sat in a room just like you see on TV. A long table and two chairs. I was given paper and pencil to write my statement. So, I did, and it is a part of the official file. They took a picture and they took prints. They were trying to figure out who I was. But, of course, it turned out to be more than that.

The detective finally arrived after many hours of waiting. He told me he read my statement. But I was like a high speed recording once again. After awhile, he told me he wishes he had arrived earlier but was called from another official matter. He was really nice and professional. He told me they have me 'in the system' and that would not have happened if he had gotten their earlier. I did not know what that meant. I asked and he told me. He told me I was free to go but might have to come back at some point. I left and never had to come back.

The next morning, I called the airline and reported the incident. I flew home without doing the mailing. I met with Bill Meade to apologize about the Red Cross and told him what happened. When Bill thought something was funny he had a very special laugh that caused you to laugh too. Bill used to be the Barnegat Chief of Police and he always had the big picture. He told me not to worry about it in such a way that I knew I was going back. Several days later, I did. The mailing took a full three days. They were very appreciative.

I got a call from the Chief Pilot and he said to come talk to him. So, I did and prepared  myself for the worse.  Even the union got involved and was there. But when the meeting started I was told that Corporate Security Chief had flown to FLL and spoke with the police officer and the detective. I was told the Chief of Security was satisfied and that there was 'nothing there'. He told my Chief pilot to send me back to the line. My union rep was signaling for me to keep my mouth shut. But I had to speak up. I told him that I thought it was absolutely awesome that the company took the time to investigate. I was told to take whatever time I needed to rest and then call scheduling for return to work.

And that's it. For those who take the time to look at the police report, you will see a small section that summarizes everything you see above using police lingo. It starts with the road rage and ends with the detective.

Anything you have heard that does not match what I just wrote is total BS. Always ask for the proof. Never be intimidated by these aggressive people that are threatening you.

There is so much disinformation going around. One person even held an old set of bylaws (1995) over her head and stated that there is a two term limit. This was not an innocent mistake. She was on the 2001, 2005 and 2011 bylaws review committee. She knew that Vic Krygowski had added that section that allowed more than two terms. She was also on the tellers committee and was a part of the ballot counting. She knew full well that the bylaws she presented were very old. But the Nominating Committee pushed it through even though they were presented with a petition with over 120 signatures. They ignored the membership and dictated their decisions.

But I was ill from an injury and was facing spine surgery. I was not going to fight them. I resigned in Oct of 2016. I had the surgery in July. Most of you already know this, but the SCBC, Inc is very different than at any time since 1998. There used to be a little clique with an insatiable need for power and control. They are the ones that caused me to cancel the 1995 Festival of Lights. I couldn't take the garbage then and I can't take it now. I published a cancellation notice. The very same person that caused this problem is the person who held an old set of bylaws up at the nominating committee meeting in 2016. History repeating itself.

I am done and will never run for any position in the SCBC, Inc again. It is now up to you. Just look at the current Beach Club and compare it to the slideshow showing on the home page. You can't argue with the facts and the evidence is right in front of you. Good luck and don't let them deceive you. I am voting NO on the bylaws revision simply because they take the authority and oversight of the membership away. This is your club. Always remember that. Your president recently stated that 'This is her club now'. My vote is against that kind of thinking. This is YOUR CLUB and you deserve to have the right to a say-so in everything. Read their proposed revision and you decide for yourself. Best of Luck.  Jim