Skippers Cove Beach Club, Inc

As of Jan 19, 2019 my vote for the bylaws revision remains NO.

Legal Notice to Skippers Cove Board of Directors was received from the Law Firms of Mettleman, Weinroth & Miller.

By law, the bylaws can only be amended in accordance with the existing bylaws which requires a 2/3 majority approval of the entire membership. Only when that occurs can  new bylaws be implemented.

My issue with the proposed bylaws is that it removes the requirement for a 2/3 majority and replaces it with a 50% plus 1. Even worse, we all know that many motions were made and voted on at  meetings rather than involving the full membership. Unbudgeted funds have been spent. You should have had a say-so but didn't. That is just flat-out wrong.

And that is very dangerous! You are the owners of this HOA by deed restriction. Why would you give up you rights?

I have been told by a board member that plans are being discussed to move and rebuild the bocce court, move the horseshoe pits and replace the play equipment. When I asked about the cost I got a blank stare. There are 240 homes in this association but only about 40 that are active. They are trying to give those 40 homes the opportunity to make significant changes with your formal approval.  You've seen it. Events attendance is at an all time low. The grounds have deteriorated significantly.

Spend a few minutes to look at the slideshow running on this page.  Now take a look around and compare. It is very sad. The few projects that have been done were things you didn't even vote on. These include the bar refurbishment. So much money has been wasted on things that did not need to be done. 30 to 40 households are happy with the change. But what about the other 200 to 210? Don't they deserve a say so too?

It is for these reasons that my vote remains a NO. I have sought and received legal advise and was told that case is not ripe until the bylaws amendment is 'approved' without the required 2/3 majority. I just wish this board would comply with the law so this nonsense can stop. We will ALL know in the very near future.