Skippers' Cove Beach Club, Inc is your social club created 60 years ago

Respect it and Protect it 

Meeting started at 10:08. Pledge of allegiance was followed by a moment of silence for two deceased members. A member then informed Mary she forgot to include Karen Bills and Mark Emr in the moment of silence.

It was announced that a quorum of 37 had been reached. (Membership is by household and not by the number of signatures. Each house gets one vote)

Secretary:  The April Meeting Minutes had not been prepared and were therefore not read or made available. It was explained that the secretary was too busy. No Report

Treasurer: The treasurer was a no show. No Report

Audit Committee (Kutner, Sheffield, Cafaro). Kutner reported that the committee was unable to locate any procedures for how to do the audit and therefore had no report. He indicated they did look at the Quickbooks file and everything looked okay but we were over budget in the bar, insurance, and other areas, some of which were considered emergency expenses. There were no numbers provided for the marina bulkhead refurbishment, air conditioners replacement, painting, bathroom projects, bar, etc)

Membership: Four houses remain unpaid. Legal action upcoming

House: Wesolowski reported help is needed. The July 4th party is in jeopardy if people don’t step up. Intl night is Aug 17, Boat Parade not scheduled, Fishing tournament is Aug 24,

Entertainment: No Board Member. Need a volunteer to take the position. Gallagher gave a substitute report and did a very good job reporting on Garbage Trash Cans, benches, ladder in bay, ropes and buoys, flowers, patio power washing, weeds, entrance signs and plans to refurbish swing set.

House: Sal Eppolito reported he had both air conditioners replaced and got a good price from Mr Volk. He also reported the bathroom project was completed.

Marina: Fred Kutner reported that the SCBC bulkhead running north to south adjacent to his property had been replaced at a good price and he thanked Mr Gromlie. He also reported that he is waiting for the mayor to report back to the SCBC on the dredging project. They have identified high and low spots where they believe they can place the dredged material. (The State was shocked when we discussed that plan). Fred also reported that two boat slips are available for rent. Just to be clear, I have never worked with a mayor that was willing to violate DEP rules. Mayors do not have that authority. The proper way is to get the required permits and do it right. I have done three dredging projects in my 17 years as president. It is not easy. The application process is laborious and requires muck sample testing and an approved dump site. This Board is reporting false information to you and you should call them out on it. If they get caught, we will all pay serious fines.

Bar: Al Giancola reported that the bar is booked with many events and rentals. He is looking for bar tenders who can be certified.

Fellowship: Beverage was a No Show so Brenda Pool gave a short report

Skipperettes: July 13th Clam Bake scheduled.

Mens Club: No Show No report

Beachcombers: Ted Gaydos reports that two officers are needed. 3 of the 4 events were successful. There will be a 50/50 at the July 4th party

By-Laws amendment report: It was stated the Board has decided to eliminate the third reading and to just proceed to a vote. When questioned, they reported that they intend to comply with the requirement for a 2/3 majority vote by formal written ballot. The date and time will be provided to the membership (The State is involved at my request)  My most recent discussion involved Rita Sweeny’s attempt to modify the 2/3 requirement because she claims she was on the by-laws committee. She was not on the committee. I selected the committee and I deliberately disqualified Rita due to her prior issues. I do not feel comfortable discussing those issues in a newsletter so I will only say she was disqualified. Both Karen Bills and Vic Krygowski agreed. We used Rita as a proofreader only and with no input as to content. I have the paperwork – all of it.

Mary announced that there are three positions open on the Board and upcoming– House, Treasurer and Grounds.

It was also stated that the bylaws should include a ruling against renters. A member stated that the Township already excludes short term renting. Mary said she has consulted an attorney and they are working on it. Several members asked who the attorney was. Mary and the other members stated they couldn’t remember the attorneys name. I asked where the attorney was located and they said they couldn’t remember but it was somewhere near Cherry Hill or the surrounding area. I can't wait to meet him/her

Membership comments: Patti Jones discussed the speeding issue on Hornblower. The electronic sign was discussed

Michele Portale requested that the street signs be repainted because they looked really bad. The Board agreed

Meeting was adjourned at 11:11