Skippers' Cove Beach Club, Inc is your social club created 60 years ago

Respect it and Protect it 

The postcard  you received in the mail asked you to visit this site for a few reasons. These icontact newsletters bring us all together to the same page and that page should be the official Skippers Cove Web Site controlled by the Board.  I wish to work with the Board and not against them.  I am well aware that many of you do not use Facebook even if you have a Facebook account. For those who prefer to go to a website, how do you know when important information has been published on the cove’s website? When was the last time you were made aware of a Motion and Resolution? When was the last time you were asked to vote on a proposed expense or policy change? There is a fix.

Simply add your name, address and email by sending me an email at   your name will never appear anywhere. This is 100% confidential. But, you will find the information you receive will bring you back into the loop to know what is really going on.   

The most important thing you need to understand right now is the reason I, and many others, intend to vote NO on the upcoming by-laws amendment. Of the 6 deed restrictions we are all bound to, either by direct title or chain of title, there is only one that really matters. The others are already controlled by Township Ordinances. But, the one that matters is that membership in the SCBC is mandatory and therefore we are bound by law to comply with the by-laws. Those by-laws become the single most important document in Skippers Cove. And the recently proposed by-laws amendments significantly reduce your control in many areas, including expenses. To learn what the specific problems are simply review the TABS above.  Please do so before you vote

Please allow me to start by complimenting those people on the Board, and many other volunteers, for doing a great job with the physical upkeep of the common properties. It takes hard work and a certain dedication to accomplish the results we all see. I won’t name names because every time I do that I forget someone and cause hard feelings. So I’ll just say congrats and thanks to all who participated.

Specifically, the entrance refurbishment is first class, the flower beds and plants look great in all areas, the bocce court looks better than ever, the inside restroom refurbishment is awesome, the interior painting makes the place look great, and so much more. The bar refurbishment took a lot of work. I think it needs just a touch more personality (color, decoration) but after a few drinks who really cares, right? Congrats again.

I was recently told that I don’t participate in bocce and triathlon events because of displeasure with the club. Not true at all. Please understand that I can’t. Repetitive lifting of the bocce balls stirs up the pain from by back surgery which is the last thing I need. It took one full year of heavy narcotics just to be able to walk normally. I never want to go back to that. I do what I can when I can, slowly and carefully. But I do enjoy watching the membership participating.

Almost all of you know that I have served as president of the Skippers Cove Beach Club for 17 years. The lessons learned paved the path needed to work within the law and the many controlling restrictions and obstacles that had to be overcome. Some were internal, some were DEP, State, LGCCC, Pinelands Commission, Community Affairs, ABC, Township, County Inspections, Insurance Investigations, Tidelands Commission, Superior Court, and many more. But most importantly, I had the support of the membership and I had a dedicated hard working Board which worked together to resolve all issues for the benefit of the membership.

So, let’s review the June 15th General Meeting notes. If you were there, this will all sound familiar. Mary Mirabello has ruled that recording these meetings are not allowed. I never imposed any such restriction in my 17 years. Regardless, someone did record it because things were so out of hand. The flash memory was given to me. I reminded this person that Mary doesn’t allow recordings and we both laughed. I wish I could remember your name, but thank you anyway. My shorthand proved quite accurate: