Please review it and we believe you will see that your SCBC will be transformed into the nicest looking beach club ever. We are asking for you to voice your opinion by responding to a separate survey that will be released soon.

The following information is provided regarding the Landscape plan for 2013:

1. The proposal was presented at the Jan 2013 General Meeting. There was a quorum and a vote was taken. The proposal was unanimously approved at this meeting (100%)

2. The proposal was presented by Mike Eggen, owner of Eggen Landscaping. Mr Eggen is an educated, licensed and certified landscaper who specializes in hardscape landscaping. This was a formal presentation in which the drawing, plan and sample stone were provided. Mr Eggen discussed the plan in detail and answered all questions to the satisfaction of those in attendance.

3. Two other proposals were also obtained. Both were rejected for reasons that included excessively high estimates and incomplete and/or inadequate plans. One even wanted $500 just for preparing the proposal itself. Mike Eggen was invited to present his plan at the meeting and it was very favorably received. Many hours were spent in the proposal preparation for which Mr Eggen charged the SCBC nothing.

4. One of the several reasons that the proposed cost for this project is as low as it is is because the Belgian Block (several hundred) was donated by Lettermatics (Joe & Nancy Portale, Franklin Lakes, NJ)

5. This is a very large project as you can see from the drawing. It includes:

    Removing the muck from the beach
    Grading the sand
    Pulling back all the high points and use it to fill the lower points near the bulkhead
    Preparing all sides on the East and North perimeter in preparation of the Belgian Block installation
    Installing the block in 5000 psi cement and mortar each block in place
    Removing the excessive sand from around the shuffleboard court
    Mortar brick around shuffleboard court
    Install small round landscape stone all around shuffleboard court
    Install landscape timber in an S shape around what used to be the grass area North of the clubhouse
    Install walkable stone within the new border
    Remove the old poles from the parking lot area
    Install Belgian Block in area where poles use to be
    Install contrasting stone between Belgian Block and the new fence
    Install top soil and reseed grass area around basketball court
    Install landscape timber to offset basketball court while maintaining safe height and distance from the court itself
    Install top soil and reseed grass area around basketball court
    Resolve shuffleboard drainage problem
    Tear down and rebuild the circle with new kidney shaped area large enough to enclose the raised anchor and sign
    Remove muck and restore grade to area along Hornblower Drive
    Replace destroyed grass with walkable stone in that same area
    Dig and install crushed concrete base under the area where the Tri anxel trucks dump the sand. Installed walkable stone over that base
    Return to site to spread our new white sand in May at no charge to the beach club for spreading
    Grade beach during sand spreading
Note: Tearing down and rebuilding the circle will be done at no chage to the SCBC as well as spreading the new white sand

The proposal is for a little over $16,000 The cost was identified as reasonable by the membership at the meeting with no one disagreeing. Mike Eggen is hopeful that this project will generate additional work within the Cove and requests recommendations if you like his work. You may see his work at both 71 Hornblower and 11 Bluebeard. The new stone replacement deck and percola roof at 11 Bluebeard is also being done by Eggen Landscaping

The cost shall be covered using existing funds without the need for an assessment thanks in large part to the generous donations that have been provided. Some funding will include the draw down of existing overage and an approximately $10,000 reduction in the budget thereby removing all items not essential for 2013.

6. At the meeting it was announced that the membership will be polled to determine the support for this project even though we had obtained a 100% approval. One member asked why we don't just do the project since we had 100% approval and had a quorum. The answer is that we want all the membership to have the opportunity to provide input. We fully realize that not everyone can attend the meetings and we do want everyone to have a say so.

7. You will receive an email as part of a survey done by icontact. If approved the results shall modify the approved budget (reduce it) In that survey you will have the opportunity to vote YES or NO. When casting your vote please remember that this is your beachclub and the facility directly impacts your home and its value. You will not only be able to enjoy a beautiful clubhouse and grounds but your own home's value will be effected. The SCBC will look better than it has ever looked in the past. Study the drawing and cast your vote when you receive the survey.

We'd like to start the project soon so that we may transform the Beach Club into a showcase and have it completed by Memorial Day - using existing funds...........

Skippers Cove Beach Club, Inc